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Trademark Services

Trademark as a whole binds the complete corporate sector while providing the safe and secure ways of dealing across the world. Trademark is set to have business mark which is unique and distinct from one theme of business to another. It is not like two different corporate houses can share one or more business marks that can create confusion on the part of target market in respect of their favorite products and services.

Trademark boosts the popularity of business worldwide. It is a mark to recognize a favorite one out of numbers of goods item. This mark may be of text type, graphically designed, colorful and fully communicable in order to communicate with its potential and target market. It is the same mark that is being used on every product or services while offering the corporate world. Therefore, should be very clear, ethical and eye catchy in order to understandable by public. It handles your company's or business promotion and marketing in the global market; any type of misuse or infringement in respect of business mark can hindrance the way of your business growth. Thus it is being necessary for every corporate house to get accompanied with all types of trademark services.

Here we bring you with complete services in TM segments that include:
  • Creating and designing TM as per standard of trademark act 1999.
  • Filing application for trademark registration.
  • Getting with infringement and litigation process for TM protection.
  • Followed with TM watch and TM renew before date of expiry.
  • We assist you while integrating the trademark with business name and symbol.

Besides these, here you will get full assistance in respect of company legal services including IP services in respect of copyright, patent, company formation, business incorporation, NBFC, FCRA, NGO registration and lots more under one roof.

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