Privacy Policy

Freetrademark attaches great importance to making your online experience as interesting and enjoyable as possible. We truly appreciate your presence on our site, and whenever you see our guest and would like to treat you accordingly. To do this, we have listed the different points of our privacy policy below.

Any information submitted by you through website freetrademark will be treated with strict confidentiality. In no event will your personal data be used without your consent. To do this, all forms on our website transmitting information to a database that can be used in the future, e,g. mailing lists, registration, etc, feature boxes in which you can specify your consent to receive, or not, in the future information from us. Whereas on other hand; we use the facility of forums while sending the emails and other legal news to our subscriber. Our list of email ids and other personal date is not subjected to any sale. If in case any of the user unsubscribe us; then in future we are not sending any of the monthly or weekly notifications to the respective user.

All the information and facts subjected to key subjects are passed to server where they can extract and use through the mode of log files. All types of generic information including website's total visitors, downloaded files and which user use which browser and many more. We do not include personal or worthy business information in these generic data. All these facts under the generic mode support us to set preferences in respect of our register user and loyal visitors.

Somehow; while offering legal services we concern our privacy policy on the high priority as it made us with the tag of favorability and reliable legal firm. Thus, mail us at info@freetrademark.co.in in case of any further query.