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Trademark Protection

Maintaining unique identity in marketplace, cumulative prominence and popularity of one's trademark, distinguished monopoly over the registered trademark or service mark, and full legal rights regarding the various commercial uses of the registered trademark, comes under the broad and all-round trademark protection. Thus, proper and perfect trademark protection covers a variety of tasks and measures in any business field or any national or international jurisdiction. We perform all these tasks on behalf of companies and firms engaged in various occupational fields, in order to make their trademarks and service marks well-protected from misuses and infringements by other persons or entities. Here, it is highly important to note that, well-rounded trademark protection is essential and recommended for secured, smooth running, and optimally profitable business in any economic field in any jurisdiction. The trademark misappropriations and trademark infringements affect quite adversely the reputation and profitability of a business, and therefore, these must be averted as far as possible. Our globally appreciated and fully reliable trademark protection services (elucidated in the section below) are available economically for such highly significant and wise purposes in India and other countries of the whole world.

Trademark Protection Services in India

For all-round and impeccable trademark protection, ours discerning and vibrant trademark lawyers offer services of trademark watch and monitoring, trademark infringement analysis, trademark opposition, trademark prosecution, ADR, and trademark infringement litigation. These rigorous and responsible services are extended for trademarks and service marks which have been registered under any national trademark law, or international trademark conventions like the TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, the Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark. Well-founded and nationwide reputed in India, our law firm is now extensively famous regarding ours efficient services for trademark protection india. Our other legal services for trademarks owned by Indian companies doing business in various economic fields are, expert counsel over creation of a magnificent trademark or service mark in any interested fields of the commercial, industrial, professional, or service sectors; domestic and international trademark searches; and, federal and international trademark registrations. All other types of intellectual property and all legal areas are also served by us excellently, for registration and protection in India and abroad.

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