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Copyright Registration in India

Copyright has played a vital role in IPR services while getting securing the creative of artistical work. It grants a set of powers and rights to the original author or creator of the work. Copyright registration works on the selected theme including computer software, musical art, literary, poetry, dramatic, novels, songs, movies, graphic design, and architecture. Copyright basically includes to protect the way in which the particular work has been carried out. It does not cover the system or facts as one can follow different method or way to design the similar artistical work.

Under section 13 of the Copyright Act 1957 the work is conferred under the particular theme where as section 14 of the Act is to certify the work under copyright while granting the set of powers to the proposed owner. These rights and powers have been exercised by the person who legally appoint as owner of the artistical work. These rights include the right of reproduction that decide whether to reproduce in future or not; right of adaptation that decide whether to adopt to design new and unique product or not; right to make translations that decides whether or not the particular work can be translated in other form or language; right to communication to public that allow to make the public familiar about the same and right of publication whether or not a particular work can be used to publish in print media or in other advert or marketing tool.

Here, freetrademark assist you in copyright registration services that includes how to file an application, how to categorize your creative work, where to submit an application, to decide whether a particular work can be registered as copyright or not, how to protect your copyright, how one can reap the complete benefits from copyright and many more legal services have been offered by us.

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