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Trademark Monitor

Perfect and close trademark monitoring is performed to keep up unique reputation of a properly registered trademark, for averting all types of misuses of the registered trademark or service mark, and for preventing any trademark infringement cases, within the jurisdiction concerned. For ever-increasing popularity of a product or service, and ever-growing reputation of the company producing it, a striking and distinguishing trademark is essential and greatly desired. And, misuses of the registered trademark and trademark infringement, ultimately make the business of a product contemptible and less profitable, and its company untrustworthy, because of the confusion in public and commercial harm to the company caused by these. Hence, trademark monitoring services are of vital importance to companies in various economic fields, with regard to stability, security, dignity, and profitability of the business. Therefore, our broad-ranging legal services for trademarks in all economic sectors, do encompass vigilant and responsible service for trademark monitoring. As a reputed and popular trademark monitor, ours globally famous legal firm has been performing trademark monitor services in India and other countries of the world, for a long glorious period. Our services for trademark monitoring are elucidated separately in the lower section. Our well-resourced and innovative firm offers expert and economical legal services in all legal areas in countries situated worldwide.

Trademark Monitoring Services in India

Our services for trademark monitoring are trademark watch, trademark prosecution for protection, and market observations. As a renowned and preferred trademark monitor in india, our firm has been providing these services in all across India. The international trademark monitoring on behalf of Indian companies and firms, is also expertly performed by our sophisticated and vibrant trademark lawyers. Through keeping a close and discerning watch on all trademark applications being filed with all regional trademark offices, our trademark lawyers ensure that no objectionably similar or identical trademarks (to the registered trademark of our client) are being registered in Indian jurisdiction. The market observations are made to detect any possible misuses of or trademark infringement upon, the registered trademark of our any client, are carried out in the relevant marketplace located in India or abroad. For international trademark monitoring, databases kept under all concerned international trademark offices which work as per the TRIPS Agreement, or Berne Convention, or Madrid Protocol, or the European Community Trademark, are searched through for above-specified purposes. Our other legal services for trademarks in all related fields are trademark registration, trademark opposition, trademark infringement analysis, trademark prosecution, and trademark infringement litigation.

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