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Trademark Lookup

The trademark lookup also prominently known as the trademark search, is performed responsibly for checking and verifying the unobjectionable originality and distinct uniqueness of any newly created trademark or service mark by a company engaged in any economic field. This trademark lookup can therefore, be a national one or the international one, depending upon the business requirements of the applicant company. Our vastly experienced and expert trademark lawyers offer proficient services for these both types of trademark lookup to serve companies and firms located in countries worldwide. Today, our trademark lookup services are globally famous for being comprehensive, flawless, economical, and fully responsible. More information about ours trademark lookup services are given in the lower section, that contains matters regarding trademark lookup in india. Our prestigious and fast progressing law firm has been offering perfect, swift, and gratifying legal services in all legal streams, in countries situated the world over, for a long glorious period. As far as trademarks are concerned, we provide the full expanse of legal services including trademark registrations, trademark oppositions, trademark watch and monitoring, trademark prosecutions, trademark renewals, and trademark infringement litigations, in national and international jurisdictions worldwide.

Trademark Lookup Services in India

For national-level trademark lookup in india, ours vibrant and discerning trademark lawyers go censoriously through the trademark databases treasured by all zonal trademark office of India. These databases are broadly divided into two main categories - the databases containing information about all formerly registered trademarks and service marks in India, and the databases keeping records of all newly filed trademark applications for registration with all regional trademark offices of the country. Based on the knowledge and information gained through trademark lookup, we then may suggest some alterations in the proposed trademark of our client, in order to make his trademark fully unique and utmost impressive. All trademark classes are entertained by ours such services for companies and firms located in all across the whole country. Again, to facilitate Indian companies and corporations for making international and worldwide businesses in their economic fields, we also provide them expert and swift services for international trademark lookup, through the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark. Apart from these trademark lookup services, all other aboveľnoted services for trademarks are also adroitly performed by ours well-experienced and internationally renowned trademark lawyers under these conventions and in international jurisdictions worldwide.

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