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Patent Litigation India

Brilliant and robust services for patent litigation have been highly appreciated and popular legal services of ours worldwide prominent law firm well-established in India. We are commended worldwide for our full expanse of legal services regarding patents in all economic sectors, where inventions and patents are vital intellectual property. Besides patent litigation services our other services for patents are national and international patent registrations, patent watch and monitoring, patent infringement analysis, patent prosecution for specific objectives, and patent renewals.

The patent infringement litigations are most common and major part of all types of patent litigations in any country. Therefore, in this article, informed in details are our services for patent infringement litigations, provided in India and other countries abroad. The patent infringement litigations are fought to protect and promote due patent rights of the true patent holder or owner through putting injunction on all infringement activities being carried out by the alleged infringers, and to obtain proper compensation from the infringers for the damages caused by such infringement. As patents are considered as being the very soul of a booming business, patent infringement litigations must be fought rigorously and expertly.

Patent Litigation Services

For robust patent litigation in india, we have been offering dedicated and economical services for a long time in every part of the country. All types of light and serious patent infringement litigations have been tackled elegantly and expertly for great benefits to companies and firms doing business in almost all occupational fields. Hence, our globally renowned law firm based in India is widely famous regarding patent infringement litigations in India, for both product and process patents. Again, both national and international levels patent infringement litigations of India companies and firms have been adeptly well-supported and fought by ours internationally acclaimed patent litigators.

At national level, our patent litigation services are provided in complete compliance with provisions and rules mentioned in the Patents Act of 1970. On the other hand, the international patent infringement cases are resolved in accordance with the rules and regulations maintained under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, Berne Convention, TRIPS Agreement, and the European Patent Convention. For these both categories of patent litigations, ours well-seasoned and expert patent litigators provide all services during the whole litigation process in India and abroad.

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