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Copyright Rights in India

The copyright law, under the protection of industrial property is a separate branch of intellectual property law that protects copyright works and the so-called related legal performance. The primary purpose of the copyright laws of the literary, scientific and artistic works protected. The copyright for this purpose the powers provided to the author into two major groups. A first group of so called moral rights, with an aim to for example, the names of the author or the preservation of the unity of the work to ensure, maintain the author and his works created between the personal touch. The second group of the so-called powers that is property right is the primary function of the plastic use and utilization of protection to the author's financial interests, for instance, that the recovery of the author's permission insured.

The copyrights belong to the natural person who created the work. Several authors joint operation if its parts cannot be used independently of the copyright of the author together with staff entitled to - in case of doubt, unless otherwise agreed or equally. If the artificial joint parts separated from each other as in case of connected works, its parts, each author independently exercise their copyright rights. If you have a collection of content selection, layout and editing custom, original in character, it is protected as a separate copyrighted work. The compiler of the whole of the copyright belongs to the editor, but this is not "fade out" of the collection included works shall enjoy the rights of self.

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