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FCRA Registration

FCRA is basically for granting funds from the foreign sources. Most of the sovereign countries will follow the process of fcra registration while contributing in the foreign funds by trusts, NGOs, societies and government institutions. FCRA works on foreign part where one needs to raise funds on charity, NGO, community enhancement or for any other society upliftment purposes. Through the way of FCRA registration services it would be easy and one of the legal path to grant foreign funds from any of the country. Granting of foreign funds to any of the social organization from any of the foreign country is not legal where as with the support of FCRA registration this fund will get legitimate and the members need to show to the concern authority about the proper use of funds for the specific purposes.

Here, our legal firm that are specialized in serving the world with elegant and swift services in FCRA registration would assist you on how to prepare while complying the funds with fcra registration.

FCRA Registration Services

There are several rulers and regulations have been stated and prescribed under the foreign contribution regulation act 1976. Under the same act, the numbers of legal documents and forms have been submitted to the concern authority in order to make foreign grants legal. Under the FCRA registration services; one can receive foreign grant from one specific source and also obtain the frequent funds from the different foreign sources at one time. So, both options are there where you can reap the complete benefits from the fcra registration in India.

For getting certificate of FCRA one needs to submit all require legal documents including copies of the Memorandum of Association, Articles of the Association, new bank account for FCRA transactions, well-audited financial statements of past three years, copy of the society registration certificate and many more.

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