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Trademark Renewal

Punctual and perfect trademark renewal is essential for continued validation and protection to the registered trademark or service mark. If trademark renewal is not done timely, then the registered trademark will be discarded from the trademark register of the concerned trademark office, and the owner of such a trademark will be made bereft of all trademark rights. Hence, trademark renewal is critically important for maintaining proper recognition to the registered trademark and making the trademark rights fully effective and protected.

In general, the registration of a trademark or service mark with any internationally accredited trademark office, is valid for a period ranging from seven to ten years. To keep up legal protection to the registered trademark furthermore, the trademark renewal is due well before this expiration date. Our adept and vibrant trademark lawyers have been providing perfect and responsible services for trademark renewals also, along with the broad range of legal services connected with trademarks in all economic fields. Besides, the trademarks registered in individual countries, ours trademark renewal services are also available promptly for trademarks registered under international treaties and conventions like the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark. More information about this trademark renewal is given in the lower section.

Trademark Renewal Services in India

In India, trademarks and service marks are registered for a period of ten years. Therefore, trademark renewals in India are due before expiration of ten years from the respective dates of registration or renewal. Thus, governmental recognition and protection to a registered trademark or service mark can be rendered infinitely through regular trademark renewals in every ten years. Our proficient trademark lawyers have been providing flawless, punctual, and responsible services for trademark renewal in india, in every part of it.

Application for trademark renewal in india is to be made in Form TM-12, and submitted to the concerned zonal trademark office, along with the prescribed renewal fees. In only some rare cases, failure of punctual trademark renewal is acceptable, within a period of one year at a maximum from the date of registration or previous renewal. In these cases, besides the due renewal fee, some additional fees are to be remitted as penalty fines. Efficient and reliable trademark renewal services are just a part of ours legal service for trademarks and service marks owned by entities in all economic fields, located in places all across the whole country. Ours globally renowned law firm offers decent and punctilious legal services in all legal areas to companies and firms located in India or any other country of the entire world.

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