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Limited Company Registration

The limited companies have been the most popular and preferred forms of companies established through the help of ours company registration services in countries situated worldwide. Other most prominent forms of companies are the limited liability companies, unlimited companies, and joint venture companies. For a long streak of successful period ours internationally renowned company law attorneys have been offering expert and responsible legal services for setting up these all categories of companies in most of the countries located in all around the world. In this article, offered is information about our services for limited company registrations worldwide.

The limited companies are further classified into two major categories as the private limited companies and the public limited companies. The private limited companies are run and managed privately, and such types of companies cannot trade on the stock exchanges. On the other hand, the public limited companies can preferably offer their shares and bonds to the general public through exchange stocks. Therefore, the private limited companies are required to make lesser disclosures to the public than that by the public limited companies.

Limited Company Registration in India

For limited company registration in india followed is the Companies Act of 1956, which is the most dominant federal law of India regarding company formations. For supervision of company registration and regulation of the activities of companies in diverse economic sectors, there is appointed a Registrar of Companies in every big State of India, under section 609 of this magnificent company law. Well-founded and exclusively active in India, our law firm has helped myriads of entrepreneurs, professionals, businesspersons, companies, industrialists, and investors through ours exquisite, responsible, and economical company registration services, for doing business in their respective regions of India.

Here, it can definitely be beneficial to write that, we extend legal services in all areas of the law which are inherently connected with people and companies engaged in all economic fields. All essential and ancillary services during the process of company registration are adeptly and punctually provided by ours well-experienced company law attorneys, including the services for expert counsel over company formation as per requirements and priorities, drafting of MOA and the AOA for the proposed company, obtaining necessary permission from regulating bodies for facilitating company registration, filing all forms and application in connection with company registration, and acquiring certificates for the company registration and the commencement of business.

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