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Patent Registration in India

Precious inventions belonging to various economic fields have been ingeniously and expertly made secured by us through national and international patent registrations, on behalf of companies and firms located in countries worldwide. Excellent and swift services for patent registrations at national and international levels, are core part of ours legal services for the intellectual property rights, and highly significant among ours all legal services. Our services concern all various legal streams and are provided for great benefits to people and companies in all economic sectors. But, in this special article, we are providing description about our vastly popular and trustworthy services for patent registration in india.

All types of inventions created by entities in all related economic fields, under the categories of product patents and process patents, are made secured and protected by us through performing national and international patent registrations. The national level patent registrations for Indian companies are made under the Patents Act of 1970 and the Patents Rules of 1972. Based on the place of existence of the company, the concerned zonal patent office is selected for such purposes. Ours richly-experienced and innovative patent attorneys support and serve companies during the entire patent registration process, that involves giving final and perfect touches to the newly created invention, ascertaining the uniqueness and ready patentability of the creation through nationwide or worldwide patent searches, preparing elegant and impregnable patent specification, filing the patent application with the targeted Indian or international patent office, and then, presenting brilliant patent prosecution for impeccable registration.

Again, the international registrations of inventions owned by Indian companies engaged in diverse economic sectors, are registered under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, Berne Convention, the TRIPS Agreement, and the European Patent Convention. Our other services regarding inventions and patents in all pertinent fields are patent oppositions, patent watch and monitoring, patent infringement analysis, patent renewals, patent prosecutions for diverse purposes, and patent infringement litigations, provided in India and international jurisdictions.

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