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Trademark Application India

The proper and recommended application made for getting a proposed trademark or service mark registered under any national or international trademark office, is prominently known as the trademark application. The procedural process of making such an application is also sometimes called as the trademark application. Thus, the trademark application is essential for registering any desired trademark or service mark, for using the same in conduction of business. Only registered trademarks are recognized, accredited, and protected within the concerned jurisdiction. Since trademarks represent the reputation of a company, these must be created very imaginatively and scrupulously. Our globally famous law firm provides the complete range of legal and supporting services regarding creation, registration, and protection of trademarks and service marks in all various economic sectors in countries situated in all around the world. Again, ours refined and world-class trademark application services are provided for both national and international levels in individual countries located worldwide. The section below, gives detailed and highly profitable information about ours expert and economical services for impeccable trademark application in india.

TM Application Services in India

Situated in India, ours full-fledged and prestigious law firm is now distinctly and hugely famous for trademark application services in all across India. Till now, numerous companies, industries, and firms engaged in various fields of the industrial, commercial, professional, and service sectors, have utilized ours tm application services in connection with their national or international trademark registrations. Our veteran and expert trademark attorneys are mature and experienced enough to offer such services for all classes of trademarks and service marks. The domestic level trademark registrations in India are accomplished under the new Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, with regulatory support and directions of the zonal trademark office located in all across the country. Based on the location of the applicant company, selection of any concerned regional trademark office is made. And, for doing business in any foreign country by Indian entities, their trademarks are registered under treaties or conventions like the TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, the Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark. We offer all required services during the whole registration process in India or abroad. Again, selection of any international trademark convention is made according to the business plans and priorities of the applicant company.

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